The Pak'ma'ra Race:

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PSYCHOLOGY: pak'ma'ra, in general, are an extremely intelligent and inquisitive race. To them, knowledge truly is power -- pak'ma'ra statesmen are distinguished elders, and many famous pak'ma'ra are noted explorers and scientists. While not a violent people by nature, they are fully capable of aggression or self-defense.

HISTORY: The pak'ma'ra developed hyperspace technology approximately 200 years ago. Their space fleet is not as developed as other League worlds (namely the Brakiri, Vree, and Drazi). Most of their shipbuilding capacity is centered on exploration vessels. Military ships are mostly purchased from the Drazi. The disadvantage to this is that in 2230 the Dilgar began carving their empire out of League World space and military ships were not as available as they had been. Fortunately for the pak'ma'ra, the humans entered the war and ended it. In the closing months of 2259, the Centauri conquered much of pak'ma'ra space. Following the dissolution of the League, the pak'ma'ra joined the Army of Light.

CULTURE: Pak'ma'ra culture is based on the idea that they are superior to all other races. They eat carrion in part to reflect this notion since they do not eat their own kind. They are also technology scavengers. Some attend the Mutai for entertainment or simply "window shopping.".

RELIGION: The Pak'ma'ra strongly believe that they are the chosen people of the gods, and are therefore superior to all of the other younger races. They point to their immunity to disease as proof of this, saying that they were gifted with such a broad menu due to their favored status. They don't tend to boast about this belief in superiority or taunt members of other races...they just feel that they're the best.

GOVERNMENT: Since age and experience is much valued in pak'ma'ra society, elders are given positions of the highest power. It is the elder's responsibility to pass on their wisdom to younger generations and to appoint younger pak'ma'ra (with responsibility commensurate with age) to other positions within the government.

They were members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and are currently aligned with the Inter Stellar Alliance.

TECHNOLOGY: Since most of their ships are designed for exploration or scientific research, they usually purchase warships from other races. Before the Dilgar war, they purchased many of their ships from the Drazi.

Alignments: Any
Attributes: IQ: 3D6, MA: 3D6, ME: 3D6, PS: 3D6+2, PE: 2D6+12, PB: 2D4, PP: 2D6+2, SPD: 2D6+2.
Hit Points: PE +1D6 per each level of experience
SDC: 25 plus those gained from OCC or Physical Skills
Average PPE: 3D6
Occupational Character Classes (OCC & RCC): Any, can become magic using classes in magic rich universes such as Phase World but tend towards scholars, scientists, merchants, or vagabonds.
Horror Factor: 13
Physical Appearance & Biology: Pak'ma'ra are carrion eaters. In addition to the rods and cones present in the eyes of most species, pak'ma'ra can see into the ultraviolet using pyramidal cells located near the optic bundle. A pak'ma'ra's facial tentacles are used in securing food and moving it into the mouth cavity. It also appears to be a center for sexual stimulation. Their teeth are beak-like in structure. The inflexible beak makes speaking most languages impossible, so the pak'ma'ra make extensive use of translator devices.
Being carrion eaters, the pak'ma'ra are less prone to infections and diseases (although the engineered Drafa disease was able to cross-species and affect them). Consequently, pak'ma'ra water and air filtration units are substandard for other species' use. Of particular infamy is the water. The bacterium in pak'ma'ra water (which is believed to aid in the pak'ma'ra's digestion process) gives most species not accustomed to it diarreah, cramps, and is potentially fatal. Pak'ma'ra tastes aside, they are able digest fresh spoo, proof that spoo is the Universal Foodstuff.
Height: Variable, average is from 5 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 4 inches (1.8 meters to 1.9 meters)
Weight: Variable, average is from 175 lbs to 250 lbs (79.4 kg to 113.4 kg)
Average Life Span: 50 to 65 Earth years. A Pak'ma'ra aged 30 is considered roughly equal to a human in their early 40's.
Natural Abilities: +6 save vs mundane diseases and infections, See into Ultraviolet Range.
Vulnerabilities/Penalties: Allergic to Terran fish.
Magic: Only if in a magic rich universe. In magic rich universe, Pak'ma'ra can become magic using character classes.
Psionics: Standard (Use Psi-Corp Psionic Tables but ignore psi-corp organization)
Enemies: The Shadows and the Centauri.
Alliances and Allies: The Interstellar League.

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Racial information from Voltayre's Encyclopia Xenobiologica

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